Kat Petroschkat About

My name is Kat Petroschkat, and I am a media artist and researcher based in Munich.

I am interested in diverse ways of knowing, and in that sense, I develop methods of involvement that draw on a bricolage of artistic and epistemological practices.

Through object and media stagings, I focus on entangled realities concerning knowledge, perception, and experience. I examine the narratives that influence our perception of the environment and interactions within it.

Prior to obtaining a PhD in Applied Art and Cultural Studies from the Art University Linz, I studied Cultural Studies at Humboldt University Berlin and Fine Art in Munich.

Often I work in project-related collaborations, for example with partners from scientific institutions, and regularly with the artist and anthropologist Dr. Susanne Schmitt and the performance collective "The Hercules and Leo Case".

Foto: Johannes Rodach

Katrin Petroschkat : Stories between Worlds
Artist book, 104 pages, 2021

with texts by Karin Harrasser, Volker Zander, Ann-Kathrin Ntokalou and others, layout by Daniel Schneider (atac.de), with friendly support of the LfA Förderbank Bayern