Barfly - Drinks for Insects, olfactory-installative performance with Dr. Susanne Schmitt since 2018, shown at SLSA Conference and Green Friday at the Danish National Gallery, Art&Science Festivals at Muffathalle Munich, Stiftung Kunst&Natur Nantesbuch and others.

ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU – a band of many voices from Berlin, Bremerhaven, Horb am Neckar, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Zurich, from Phoenix (Arizona, USA), Dakar (Senegal), Istanbul (Turkey), Ivano Frankivsk (Ukraine), Oxford
(UK), Banjul (Gambia), Rome (Italy), Sevilla (Spain), Turku (Finnland) and Tokyo (Japan), since 2020

Maria Gracia Latedjou und The Hercules and Leo Case, Villa Waldberta und Real München e.V., 2019

Shay Khan and the Bagheechas (featuring The Hercules and Leo Case), Klangbad Label / Initiative Musik Berlin e.V. 2018-19

The Angry Garden
collaborational performance project, development of a performance based on the publication "How forests think" by Eduardo Kohn, scholarship by the cultural department of the City of Munich, 2017

Phone Home
Europäisches Theaterprojekt London-München-Athen 2016
Video, stage media and stage design

The Hercules and Leo Case
Performance Collective Maria Berauer, Karo Knote & Katrin Petroschkat, since 2015

media art lab by Katrin Petroschkat & Barbara Herold, 2007-2014

Lärmige Welt / レルミゲウェルト
Dokumentarfilm Kyoto - Berlin, 2005
with Takebow Yumiji, Mujika Easel, Damo Suzuki, Tomoyuki Kanazu, Katsura Yamauchi
Yoshimitsu Ichiraku, Yoko Higashinom Yasu Teshima and many more