Malus De-Domestica (commemorative plate edition)

Series of digital collages, speculative commemorative plates on reversible domestication processes between apples and humans (with Dr. Susanne Schmitt for the ArtZeiten project at the University of Würzburg)

The digital collages of sales photos of decorative plates decorated with apples and photographs of an overgrown apple orchard in Würzburg's Hubland take up the principle of the commemorative plate - very much in the spirit of the domestic culture of the 1960s.
The principle of the memorial plate to domesticate a certain moment has parallels to the stabilisation of the Malus domestica, to whose genus the cultivated apple varieties known to us belong. Domestication, however, is not a stable or irreversible state, as the overgrown apple orchard in Würzburg's Hubland shows.
With the ephemeral form of digital collage, Malus D-Domestica pays tribute to the fluctuating processes of domestication. The found sales images of plates decorated with iconic apples not only show the cultural manifestation of a certain idea of the apple, but also point, in juxtaposition with the photos of the overgrown grove, to the efforts required to capture this idea in a system geared towards development.