Sound object (wooden frame, speaker, Arduino circuit, oscillator circuit, amplification circuit, copperplates)

Freq[?] is a series of interactive sound objects. By laying fingers on the copper contact plates the viewer-participant’s skin resistance becomes part of the electronic circuit. What Freq[?] renders audible though is not the direct heartbeat, but the coupling of skin resistance and electrical heartbeat impulses with an open circuit. This produces a repetitive beat that is originates outside the body but that convincingly resembles one's own pulse. The fact that this is not an auditory amplification of one's own heartbeat, but a simulation based on the moisture in the hands, which is synchronized with electrical impulses associated with the heartbeat, does not make the experience any less immediate, but emphasises the experienced reality of the simulation and at the same time the experience of self-delimitation, i.e. the moment when one's own heartbeat becomes audible outside the body and thereby becomes public.