Sculpture series (charred oak wood, acrylic glass, monitor stands)

Defekt is a series of three objects in a width-to-height ratio of 16:9, made of charred oak wood, framed with black acrylic glass and mounted on monitor stands. The work is inspired by the common sight of (switched off or malfunctioning) black screens in public and private space.
At first glance, the screen objects may be overlooked due to their familarity, but a closer look reveals that the black void is not produced by polarizing filters, but made of charred wood.
The technique of charring wood has been used since the medieval times (most popular as yakisugi in Japan) to impregnate construction timber against fungi, bacteria, insects, and general decay. The charred wood cannot be processed by microbes and consequentially bypasses the circling processes of decay and recreation.
Instead of an immersive content of whatever kind the Defekt sculptures display the timelessness of the carbonised wood. Moreover – as oaks are known for attracting lightning – Defekt is a model for a thunderstruck blackout in times of omnipresent flickering images.